Your Human Rights Are Protected by Law

Mrs. Martinez is a high school English teacher. At the beginning of each year, she asks her students to create their own classroom rules. 

This year, her freshman class complains about this task. 

"Mrs. Martinez," one of the girls says, "This is silly! Why do we have to make up our own rules? Can't you just make them?"
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"Sure, I can make up rules," Mrs. Martinez answers, "But the rules are for you, not for me."

"What?" the girl says in a rude tone. "What is that supposed to mean?"

Mrs. Martinez explains, "What if someone punches you? Do you want that to be against the rules? What if someone cheats off your test? Do you want there to be a law against that?"

The girl pauses, "I guess so."

"These rules are not for the teacher. They are for you. Our classroom rules serve and protect you. They keep you safe. They protect your rights. They allow you to focus on why you are here – to learn!"
"Wow," the girl says, "I guess I like rules and laws after all!"

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